We provide personalised development
programmes created to suit individual’s
specific needs.

We offer the opportunity to explore
and resolve issues objectively.


You’ll have an opportunity to talk
about the problems you are facing
that are preventing you from living
the life you want.


Our courses are designed to create
powerful possibilities for personal and
organisational change.


We offer courses followed by focused
coaching enabling the individual to
integrate new strategies, to reduce
stress and increase productivity.


Be prepared.

Coaching for successful transition...

Experience Matters has been presenting excellence in coaching, counselling for individuals, management consultancy and training programmes in the private, public and third sectors since 1989. Our philosophy is to inspire clients to find ways of optimum management and motivation through successful coaching and training programmes.


Coaching, Consultancy and Training

Coaching, Consultancy and Training

Our programmes enable executives, boards, managers and teams to maximize their potential, explore and resolve issues objectively and develop strategies to manage change. Different methodologies are used to stimulate and motivate. (Watch demo video)

Keren Smedley


Keren is an executive and life coach, counsellor, consultant and trainer with over 25 years experience assisting individuals, teams and organisations to find positive solutions.

Her flexible approach enables her to meet her clients needs.

Blog and News

News and Features

Keren is the Relocation relationships expert for She answers questions on the RelocateYourself website and contributes articles to Coach-therapy my way – the AICTP publication … read more


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