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EFT within my integrative practice

EFT within my integrative practice

Keren’s article in the August 2014 AICTP publication

Keren explains how the combination of tapping and talking – a widely used meridian energy therapy – is accepted as a powerful tool by her clients once they can entertain the idea that negative feelings are energy based.

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Keren Smedley

Going Through Changes

We have just changed the website for Experience Matters at the advice of our web support manager.  I was interested in my response when it was suggested.  My initial reaction was ‘oh no’ not another new thing! The concern about whether I could manage the changes and an anxiety about keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology.


Now of course I’m thrilled! It looks great and is easily accessible on every device so people can find us and read about us easily.

Those of you who are reading this will know what I do for a living and that I of all people who work alongside others when they make changes should welcome it rather than find myself fearful and full of trepidation. Of course I am just human like every one else and have my own patterns of behaviour which can at times include pushing change away.  What I am able to do however is catch myself during this process and say ‘STOP’ firmly to myself. I then, having halted my behaviour, take stock and consider what I need to do to approach the situation. In this case I was able to recognize that in order to manage this change easily I needed to set aside some time to practice using the new system until I had it under my belt.

If you find yourself in this position, say stop to yourself and then ask yourself, ‘how have I managed change before?’ Run the scenario through in your head and write down what you did. Repeat this two more times.

You’ll now have a good idea of your strategy. All you need to do now is apply this to the present situation.

Of course if that doesn’t work you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to work alongside you to help you to create the changes you want to make in your life.



Relocate Yourself

Keren is the Relocation Relationships expert with and writes a monthly column ‘Relationships Matter’ in their newsletter.


Keren’s most resent Q and A on the Relocate Yourself website.


I am bored at work and I was thinking about living and working abroad. I’ve got a good job here but there’s no opportunity for travel and I would like to see a different part of the world. I don’t really know how to make the decision. My parents think I’d be mad to give up my job and I should be saving to buy a property in the UK. I am 28 and not really ready to settle down. Are they right and would going be a huge mistake and how would I find a job?

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I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity to work in our Beijing office for three years. It means a promotion and I’ll be able to experience living in another environment with a very different culture.

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AICTP Article

Coach-therapy My Way

Keren’s article in the AICTP publication

Keren explains the model of practice she currently uses, while acknowledging that things will change over time.

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