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Experience Matters is now offering integrative coach-therapy. This is a new and growing third discipline that offers the best of both coaching and therapy by integrating the two disciplines.

Keren Smedley is a founder member of the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapy Professionals (AICTP) and is the deputy chair. The organisation promotes integrative coach-therapy practice. If offers its members an ethical framework, guidelines and a code of practice to support both practicioners and clients.

Mission statement

To promote  the  professional  practice  of  integrating  coaching  and  therapy,  to provide  the  best  possible  support  for  coach-therapist  practitioners,  to  develop understanding  of  best  practice  in  the  field,  and  to  promote  and  safeguard  the interests of clients.’

What is coach-therapy?

Coach-therapy combines working on the presenting issue, being solution focused, dynamic, proactive and motivational alongside exploring blocks and patterns that may hinder progress and prevent achievement and excellence.

This combination will enable you to make real lasting changes and develop new strategies to manage your professional and personal life.

Every session will combine the two disciplines differently according to your needs.



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