Course Structure

Course Structure

Course Structure

Course Structure


Experience Matters’ training courses deal with specific and practical skill applications in business and personal contexts. Delegates will acquire new techniques, knowledge and specific skills to benefit themselves and others. In-house courses are designed to the organisation’s needs as well as each participant’s.


Experience Matters caters for all learning styles through a variety of different methods, powerful and stimulating lectures and practical exercises. Executives and individuals will experience rapid growth and positive change during and after training. Much of what we learn is achieved at subconscious levels, realised after training has taken. Optional review session reinforce the learning.


These are of great value in extending the learning process and gaining extra advantage from initial training.


Quality control is exercised at the end of each course, through evaluations completed by participants.

Training Courses

Welcome To Experience Matters

» Introduction

» Philosophy

» Consultancy

» Coaching

» Training

» Coaching & Seminars For The 50+

» Clients

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Who We Are

» Keren Smedley

» Judy McGinn

» Jayne Hildreth

» Tony Clitheroe

» Ashley Meyer

» Debra Jinks

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» Why coaching?

» What is coaching?

» Coaching process

» Business / Executive Coaching

» Life Coaching

» Performance Coaching

» Coaching demo video

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Training Courses

» A detailed list of all our courses

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Course Structure

» Course Structure

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Lifestyle Program

» Lifestyle Package

» 1-1 Confidential Coaching

» One Day Seminars

» Combined Seminar And Confidential 1-1 Coaching

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» Inspiring an age inclusive culture

» 50+ Coaching

» Pre-Retirement Coaching

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