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Why coaching?

Coaching is dynamic. Whether a person is at a turning point in their life; looking to change jobs or promotion; trying to get to grips with their work-life balance; experiencing new personal or business challenges; not feeling confident in their role and unmotivated; or dealing with getting older. The objective questions, systems and processes that a coach offers can only benefit.

What is coaching?

Our coaching programme contains the crucial ingredients required to manage change with success. These steps include facilitating self-knowledge, the ability to self motivate, creating a vision of the future, the necessary skills, confidence and enthusiasm to carry the vision through to success. Coaching helps clients to identify what they want, and what needs to be done to reach their goals.

Coaching process

Our coaching process uses a number of theoretical models including Psychodynamic and Systems Theory, Transactional Analysis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This unique integration of techniques and systems enables people to make the behavioural and emotional changes needed to achieve a greater sense of direction.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching enables leaders to achieve excellent results, build on their strengths; and overcome challenges to inspire a high performing organisation through meaningful conversations in a confidential environment.


» Attention to individual’s personal agenda.

» Create solutions to real challenges.

» Translate intention into action.

» Maximise potential.

» Confidential sounding board.

Life Coaching

This has a wider focus:- work, personal life, career direction and development. It enables the person to change and make personal transitions.


» Gives the individual a clear staged plan to manage the problems presented.

» Offers support through difficult times.

» Creates appropriate boundaries with a clear understanding of the coaching process and the difference between coaching and therapy.

» Identify if an individual needs more specialised help and the best method for referral.

» Knowledge about appropriate resources.

Performance Coaching

Coaching is a key tool for improving workplace performance. It enables tailor made learning and development to occur. A programme is created for the individual and will include: needs assessment, diagnostic analysis, professionally designed development plan, self paced materials and work-based projects and on going evaluation throughout the coaching process.


» Individualised content.

» Builds self esteem and maintains motivation.

» Doesn’t waste time teaching things already known and done well.

» Gives the individual control of their own development with a negotiated plan.

» Learning over time helps develop sound work habits.

» 360° feedback.

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