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» Coaching skills for managers.

» Feedback skills for Trainers and Managers.

» Facilitation skills.

» Counselling skills.

» Coaching and Mentoring Course.


» Relocation and re-entry.

» Leadership and Team Development.

» Effective management.

» Influencing skills.

» Appraisal Skills.

» Interview skills.

» Presentation skills.

» Personal Impact.

» Interpersonal skills.

» Personal effectiveness.

» Time and Self management.

» Assertiveness.

» Stress.


» Creating an age inclusive culture.

» Customer Care – Successful Telephone Skills.

» Customer Care – Reception Skills.

» Fundamentals – Business applications of NLP.


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Coaching skills for Managers


Tailored to Managers who want to use coaching as a management tool.


» UNDERSTAND the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling and supervision.

» KNOW when to use coaching as a line manager.

» UNDERSTAND the practices and core skills used in coaching.

» PRACTISE building rapport, listening, questioning, summarising and goal setting.

» LOOK at how to structure a coaching session and some coaching tools.

» RUN a coaching session and receive feedback


Feedback Skills for Trainers and Managers


Feedback is sensitive but essential. This course offers the opportunity to explore feedback skills and look at a wide variety of methods to use with staff.


» UNDERSTAND feedback’s place in staff development

» IDENTIFY skills needed to give constructive group and individual feedback.

» REALISE different behavioural and motivational types of behaviour.

» HELP staff to develop their full potential through understanding and accepting personal feedback.

» DEVELOP skills in giving and receiving feedback.


Facilitation Skills


Successful results can come from group work. This course uses various situations and tasks to show the advantages of working within groups to raise issues and find successful solutions.


» UNDERSTAND the role of the facilitator.

» DEVELOP necessary skills for effective facilitation.

» INCREASE communication powers.

» MANAGE individuals within a group.

» EVALUATE the results of the facilitation process.

» UNDERSTAND group-interaction.

DURATION…3 days.

Counselling Skills


An introduction to dealing with personal problems in the workplace and an opportunity to practise some of the skills involved.


» RECOGNISE individuals with concerns which may be impairing their effectiveness at work.

» UNDERSTAND counselling.

» RESPOND to problems presented.

» PREPARE and conduct a counselling interview.

» RECOGNISE when to refer cases to more specialised help.


Coaching and Mentoring course


People are increasingly being asked to use coaching skills in the workplace, either with members of their team or as a mentor to others within the organisation. This is not the exclusive domain for managers and is a useful skill for anyone who works with others.

Many fall into the temptation when coaching or mentoring of offering advice and solutions to solve a problem. This may bring a short term result but leaves the individual no wiser about how they manage their issues themselves and find their own solution.

This course will help you to develop effective coaching and mentoring skills to use in your working practices.


To develop effective coaching and mentoring skills in business

» Knowledge and practice of highly effective coaching skills.

» Enhanced testing, questioning, rapport building and feedback giving skills.

» Understanding of motivational drivers and how to work with these.

» Increased self confidence.

» Understand the difference between coaching, mentoring and counselling and other one to one relationships.

This highly participative one day course may include the following areas to ensure the individual’s own agendas are met.

» Building confidence and giving praise.

» Giving and receiving constructive feedback.

» Role of a coach and mentor.

» Boundaries of the coaching relationship.

» Coach and mentor contracts to include confidentiality.

» Exploration of beliefs and attitudes.

» Managing conflict.

» Objectivity versus subjectivity.

» Communication skills.

» Relationship building.

DURATION…1 or 2 Days.

Personal Impact – how to make an impact on others


Within the first seven seconds of meeting someone an initial opinion is formed. This course will focus on the impact you make and how to make the impact you want.


» To increase the individual’s awareness of their impact on others.

» To identify the ingredients that affects their impact.

» To create a first and lasting impression that works for them.

» To develop increased self confidence in a variety of situations.

» To understand the assumptions made by others and the effect this has on communication.

» To build their presence.

This highly participative one or two day course may include the following areas to ensure individuals own agendas are met.

» Analysis of the individual’s personal style and their impact.

» Give and receive feedback on their impact.

» Improve verbal communication in meetings, conflict situations and networking.

» Influencing skills.

» Exploring body language and how to use it consciously.

» To improve verbal communication in meetings, conflict situations and networking.

» Effect of language on their communication.

DURATION…1 or 2 Days.


Relocation & Re-entry


Offer an opportunity for the employee, partner and family to discuss their thoughts and feelings.


» RECOGNISE the concerns they have.

» UNDERSTAND the concerns and feelings of family members.

» DISCUSS openly their thoughts and feelings.

» NEGOTIATE a positive way forward.

DURATION…1 day for family members.

Leadership & Team Development


To examine the crucial role of teamwork and how to develop a balanced workplace. The course encourages the manager to use leadership and team skills for the good of the group as a whole.


» EXPERIENCE the dynamics of a working group.

» EXPLORE leadership issues within a group.

» CONSIDER individual  roles and identify  their development and effectiveness.

» UNDERSTAND competition between teams.

» STUDY value systems in group decision making.


Effective Management


To teach managers about their own learning styles and how to coach others. It also trains managers in good time-management.


» EXAMINE different methods of personal and organisational time-planning.

» LEARN the characteristics of different learning styles.

» EXPLORE ways of enabling others to learn.

» UNDERSTAND coaching.

» GIVE and receive appropriate feedback.


Influencing Skills


This course will enable managers to gain the cooperation of others, and involve them in key decisions and thinking.


» APPRECIATE the importance of changing circumstances in the workplace.

» DISTINGUISH between manipulative and non-manipulative influencing behaviours.

» ANALYSE particular styles of influence.

» PLAN and conduct effective role plays.

» COMPILE a practical implementation plan.


Appraisal Skills


Staff performance and pay reviews are vital tasks for managers. This video enhanced course teaches how to review, retain, motivate and develop employees. It develops skills and understanding of the whole performance-appraisal process.


» UNDERSTAND the principles which motivate people.

» PLAN and prepare for the annual appraisals.

» CONDUCT appraisals.

» SET effective goals and targets, involving development-action plan.

» PRACTICE and receive feedback on two appraisal interviews.


Interview Skills


Via the recruitment and selection process, this video-enhanced course enables managers to practise interviews, be observed and receive feedback.


» SELECT the most suitable candidate for employment.

» PLAN the structure of a recruitment interview.

» WRITE interview criteria.

» PARTAKE in the decision-making process.

» PRACTICE and receive feedback on at least two recruitment interviews.


Presentation Skills


This video-related course will enable delegates to develop a personal style and deliver effective presentations in a wide variety of settings. Pre-course preparation will be required from each delegate.


» PREPARE and develop a structured and effective presentation control.

» UNDERSTAND the importance and positive use of non-verbal communication.

» DEVELOP techniques to read an audience and to handle questions and comments effectively.

» PRACTICE two presentations.


Interpersonal Skills


Maintaining positive working relationships is crucial to any organisation, as is an understanding of human relationships. This course is designed to help managers develop effective techniques for dealing with people at all levels.


» ANALYSE behaviour style and how it affects interaction.

» IDENTIFY different types of interpersonal communication.

» DEVELOP interactive listening and communication skills.


Personal Effectivenes


To understand managers as others see them and to build confidence in themselves and their working environment.


» RECOGNISE and value personal strengths and acknowledge weaknesses.

» UNDERSTAND the importance of separating personal attitudes from professional decisions.

» PRACTICE giving and receiving feedback.


Time and Self-Management


Most of us at some point complain that we don’t have enough time to complete the tasks and demands made on us and are constantly interrupted. This course explores  different methods for managing time and enables managers to find their best strategies.


» UNDERSTAND the principle of time management.

» DEVELOP skills to plan & prioritise tasks.

» EVALUATE progress against objectives.

» LEARN strategies to deal with interruptions and crisis

» PERFECT delegation skills.




This course is specifically for professionals who wish to reaffirm their own rights in corporate environments whilst maintaining smooth working relationships. Managers can examine their own responses, develop appropriate strategies and improve assertion skills.


» RECOGNISE in themselves the difference between aggressive, assertive and positive responses and what reactions they generate.

» LEARN to be assertive without causing resentment.

» ACHIEVE a balance leading to enhanced personal skills and help them achieve success.

» PROJECT, maintain and incorporate self-confidence and a positive personal image.


Stress Management


Tailored to those who have to handle deadlines, budgetary restraints, personnel problems and targets.


» UNDERSTAND the importance of stress-management.

» IDENTIFY key sources of stress and its effects in the workplace.

» DEAL with time-management, recognising and balancing needs and priorities.

» CONTROL internal, as well as external factors.

» USE techniques to reduce professional stress.

» INTEGRATE relaxation techniques.


Creating an Age Inclusive Culture


This course is designed for HR and Line managers to identify the issues of Age Discrimination and the requirements of the Age Employment Regulations 2006, and the introduction of the abolition of the default retirement age.

Participants will develop the skills needed to ensure managers are able to motivate and make the most of the wisdom and experience that lies within their older workforce.


» UNDERSTAND the impact of an ageing workforce on business performance.

» PREPARE for the demographic changes.

» DEMONSTRATE the value placed in their older workforce.

» MOTIVATE an older workforce.

» IMPROVE intergenerational communication and knowledge sharing.

DURATION…1 or 2 Days.

Pre-Retirement Coaching


Retirement is one of the most significant changes that we make during the course of our lifetime. Individuals are offered the opportunity to explore what retirement means to them and how to make it work.


» RECOGNISE the concerns they have about this stage of life.

» LOOK at ways to disengage from work and how to maintain without losing the benefits.

» EXPLORE the myriad of opportunities available.

» UNDERSTAND what a successful retirement would be for them.

» CREATE goals and an action plan to meet their needs.


Customer Care – Successful Telephone Skills


This course is designed for those who need to communicate with internal and external customers effectively and efficiently by telephone. This course will help participants to see each call as important and to demonstrate good customer care.


» IDENTIFY what customer care is.

» EXAMINE different types of communication used interpersonally and how these effect the response given.

» PRACTICE active listening and communication skills.

» PRODUCE guidelines for telephone answering and communication.

» INCREASE confidence to answer and deal with all telephone communication.


Customer Care – Reception Skills


This course is designed for all staff who meet customers face-to-face at their entry into an organisation. Many receptionists need to develop assertiveness skills. This will increase effectiveness to provide an effective and amenable front line service for organisations.


» UNDERSTAND what customer care is.

» IDENTIFY different types of interpersonal communication.

» DEVELOP abilities to use interactive listening and communication skills.

» PRACTICE answering customers needs and develop new strategies to deal with ‘difficult’ people.


Fundamentals – Business applications of NLP


A systematic exploration of the practical business applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


NLP will dramatically improve effectiveness and enhance communication skills for organisations, teams and individuals.


» UNDERSTAND the origins, concepts and principles of NLP.

» APPRECIATE NLP’s effectiveness in generating positive and permanent behavioural change.

» LEARN how to use NLP in business.

» SET achievable goals.



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