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Who I am

Executive and Global Relocation Coach, author, broadcaster and columnist Keren Smedley has established herself as one of the most sought after international coaches tackling personal and workplace issues.

She has worked as an executive and life coach and management consultant for over 30 years. Keren is often called upon by individuals and organizations to help address and resolve modern day issues and to facilitate change.


A successful relocation is essential for both employees and their company and yet often it fails.

Relocation is a major transition in people’s lives. From the moment it is suggested to an employee, they will experience a number of mixed thoughts and feelings – excitement, at the prospect of a new challenge and fear of leaving behind the old and managing a new environment. People who relocate normally experience an inner conflict between wishing to maintain their own culture, values and familiar habits, and embracing a new way of life and new experiences.

Coupled with this is concern for their family, those they are planning to take with them and those that stay behind.  Often family members are not as keen on the idea, and this possibly leads to family tensions.

Employee’s partners also face challenges; they may be dealing with career issues, family separation, managing children’s concerns, fear of change and inability to re-adjust.

Coaching provides an opportunity to channel their worries and concerns up front and re-frame their assumptions and increase the chances of success.

Coaching Packages

Special introductory offer – details

Every relocation raises questions. Below are some scenarios people face.

To go or not to go – that’s the question

A decision has to be made and you don’t know how to make it. You know the pros and cons but still don’t know the answer. You’re unsure whether you’re giving up more than you’ll get.

You think the family will benefit, but will it be enough for the disruption? Will you fit into a new country and culture?

How to make the ‘best decision’, which meets both your personal and professional requirements.

Special introductory offer – see below

It’s not my career

Should I agree to go because it’s good for my partner’s career? It sounds fun but it’s not a holiday. You’re used to having an independent life and what will you do with yourself? You don’t want to be trailing behind your partner. What if I don’t go and I pursue my life and career at home? Do long term relationships work and do I want one? Will my relationship survive the break?

How to make the best decision that meets your and the family’s needs.

Special introductory offer – see below

A relocation plan


You’re going, but how’s it going to be?

What do you need to think about and plan?

What are your expectations and are they realistic?

You’re feeling stressed and concerned and you’re still at home!

You’re unsure how you’ll manage the leaving and the arrival in your new destination…

How to develop a positive and proactive attitude to ensure a practical and psychologically successful relocation.

The Honeymoon is over


You’re in your new environment, the work is less interesting, your spouse is fed up and lonely and you don’t know anyone to have an after work wind down with.

You don’t understand the culture or fit in with the locals. You’re beginning to wonder if you made the right decision and if you should cut your losses and go back home…

How to make your expatriate experience personally and socially positive, for you and your family.

Long distance relationships


Your partner’s been offered a great opportunity which they must take. You’ve got a life and career at home and you’re going places too. You’ve never signed up for a long distance relationship and it worries you. Can you cope with all the responsibilities of the house and family alone? Will your relationship survive the break?

How to manage relocation so everyone benefits and grows.

Managing the guilt!


You’ve agreed to go half way across the world to work because it will be a great experience and good for your career. You’ve got elderly / sick / emotionally dependant parents who you will be away from. Your family are horrified you could consider going and your siblings feel abandoned. You know it’s the right thing but the stress is causing you concern and you’re unsure if you should stay.

How to put yourself first without causing pain for others and manage others emotions in a rational and supportive manner.

How to find your place


You’ve moved and given up your career and friends because it’s good for your partner.

You’re used to having an independent life and you find yourself with little to do and no-one to really talk to. There are only so many hours you can spend in the gym!

You don’t know what to do, you’re bored and lonely and you want to go home. If you’re going to stay it has to become a valuable experience that meets your goals and desires.

Keeping everyone happy


You have moved as a family as you / your partner was offered a great career opportunity.

You thought it would be exciting and interesting for the kids to have a new experience, meet different people and live in a different culture. They were reluctant before they came and now they are miserable. They spend as much time as possible on Skype and talk about going home to live with friends or grandparents.

We don’t know whether we should cut our losses and just go back.

It won’t do my / my partners, career any favours.

Other issues can also be discussed

Special Introductory offer for 8 weeks please contact us for details.

Call me to discuss coaching possibilities for your global expat community and to buy a single or group sessions.

Tel: +44 207 7006623 | skype: keren.smedley |

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